Adventures on Air

“Adventures on Air” is a 45 minute long stand-up comedy and story-telling show that tells the (mostly) true story of my former life as a commercial radio presenter.

In a 7 year ‘career’, I worked for 5 different radio stations across the Midlands – none of which exist any more (make of that what you will) and I learned a lot about the realities of what people perceive to be a ‘glamorous’ job, the tricks of the trade and also about myself.

I first performed the show as a one-off in January 2012, but then through a 10 night Edinburgh Fringe run in 2013 – arrived at the version I performed 22 times on the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014 – and then at mac in October of that year (see video above).

The BBC website described it as ‘the most enjoyable hour’ in this article and the notoriously hard-to-please Broadway Baby said it was ‘well worth tuning in’ – but I think they may have come up with that line in advance.

Actual audience member Gavin Andrews wrote on the edfringe website that it was “a well constructed show and its author definitely deserves a wider audience.”

Taking Gavin’s advice, you can watch the mac performance at the top of the page.


1 Response to Adventures on Air

  1. was an awesome night as the stute in blackwood may 1st even if you did pick on me for being in front row and part of the hen night. will certainly be coming to another comedy night there.

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