Game Recommendations


Here are the games I recommend during the show ‘Always Be Rolling’…

For kids:

Forbidden Island Amazon link. Non-Amazon link.
You are adventurers trying to recover treasures from an island that is sinking into the sea. Age on the box says 10+, but if an adult who knows the rules is also playing, I reckon you can play this with kids from about 6.

Dobble Amazon link. Non-Amazon link.
A simple game of matching pictures, that manages to be infuriatingly difficult! A great leveller when parents can’t do it, but their kids can.

Doodlebugs  Amazon link. Non-Amazon link.
A really bright and colourful game with lots of funny monsters – all about matching shapes and colours and can play with kids as young as 3.

Formula D Amazon link.  Non-Amazon link.
A French motor-racing game, where you gradually use bigger and bigger dice as you build up speed – but you have to slow down again for corners otherwise your car explodes.

Catan Amazon link. Non-Amazon link.
Like Monopoly, it involves rolling dice, building stuff on a board and doing deals with other players. Unlike Monopoly, games can be close and exciting, deals can be mutually beneficial and anyone who stockpiles will be punished!

Carcassonne Amazon link. Non-Amazon link.
Players collectively build a map of medieval France, no wait – keep reading, and then you score points depending on where you leave your little wooden men (called Meeples). Easy to learn, and lots of fun to master.

Ticket To Ride (Europe) Amazon link. Non-Amazon link.
You build train routes across Europe in this beautifully designed game. You get to play with little plastic trains, but your go comes around really quickly.

Pandemic Amazon link. Non-Amazon link.
A team game, where you are the scientists trying to cure 4 deadly diseases that are threatening to wipe out humanity.

Dixit Amazon link. Non-Amazon link.
A game about artistic interpretation and empathy.

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