Always Be Rolling


“Always Be Rolling” is an hour-long stand-up comedy show (with slides, props and audience interaction) about Board Games, that I first performed at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe. Since then, it’s been performed at the Nottingham, Birmingham, Liverpool and Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festivals – as well as twice at the UK Games Expo and at BounceCon.

The show covers why I think people are put off board games for life (clue: M***poly), what new awesome games exist out there (and why they have a hard time convincing new people to play) as well as chances to actually play giant version of classic games Buckaroo, Hungry Hippos and Guess Who live on stage.

The Public Reviews gave it 4 and a half stars (why not just round it up to five?) and said it was “charmingly funny”, Gigglebeats said it was “wonderfully genuine, highly accessible and interesting” and it garnered high praise from The World’s Cleverest Man on twitter.

Chortle  said it was “an amusing, affable and informative stroll” and “an hour better spent than playing (Monopoly)”.

Check out ALL the games James recommends here…


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