Nearly viral

A video I made of a piece of my stand-up set has sort of gone viral a bit.
It hasn’t properly gone viral, because you need a million views in a week apparently.
I’ve got 638,000 in a month but that’s still a ridiculous amount. When I post stuff on the internet I always imagine it’ll get about 53 views – usually from family and close friends, based on Everything I’ve Ever Put On The Internet.

You can watch the bit here…

Or on Facebook here…

This is the website for James Cook: Comedian.

Not to be confused with the explorer, the bass player in the Arctic Monkeys, a character off of Skins, the BBC’s Scotland correspondent, the Australian Rules footballer, the boxer, the square in Middlesbrough, the University in Queensland or the type of Mercedes Mini-van.

I am a professional Stand-Up Comedian, here I am ‘in action’.

run courses and corporate training.

I have two podcasts you can read all about here and from time to time I show up on Radio WM making jokes.

To find out what I’m up to with gigs and that, I have one of those Facebook pages that they have now

Also a Twitter where I post jokes (some of them actually funny), tiny rants and retweets of other funnier people.