I’m doing 3 shows a day during the Edinburgh Fringe.

ALWAYS BE ROLLING – How board games can change your life and save the world

READY, STEADY, JAMES! – 45 minutes of stand-up comedy

BOARD GAME SMACKDOWN – A brand new game show based on board games, featuring guest performers.

This is the website for James Cook: Comedian.

Not to be confused with the explorer, the bass player in the Arctic Monkeys, a character off of Skins, the BBC’s Scotland correspondent, the Australian Rules footballer, the boxer, the square in Middlesbrough, the University in Queensland or the type of Mercedes Mini-van.

I am a professional Stand-Up Comedian, here I am ‘in action’.

run courses and corporate training.

I have two podcasts you can read all about here and from time to time I show up on Radio WM making jokes.

To find out what I’m up to with gigs and that, I have one of those Facebook pages that they have now

Also a Twitter where I post jokes (some of them actually funny), tiny rants and retweets of other funnier people.